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Hello, world! while your here, why dont you play with the kitty :D

A little about me!

hello my friend! i am wanyi or wuji ^__^ i love the early 80s, 90s and the 2000s :) I LOVE EUROBEAT and i love to draw, mostly humans n animals! im west asian / middle eastern (iraq) and multilingual but... dont expect anything great all my languages suck ;__; i am a muslim (no sect, pls dont force me into one TT TT) altho i am a muslim i love learning abt taoism + christianity ! ill prob add more stuff here later... ^q^ (i am a tad bit lazy tho..)

extra stuff :v

hello friends ^q^...
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Tadah! have a good day friend :D u may or may not be wondering why i called my website overbleed ik preeTTY edgy -_- i named it after one of my fav books overbleed/gekiryuuchi since it had a website named overbleed.com ;0; i tried to remake it but it wouldve been too wacky and bloody.. ;n; so i setteled with my fav themes f r u t i g e r a e r o B3

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